Monday, June 23, 2008

Growin Pains

I suppose one would say that I have suffered from growing pains in the past 24 hours. I wrote for Axiom for a very dear friend. When I unexpectedly received an email from David that Axiom would be shutting down my mind began to reel. At first, I rebelled and thought that if I couldn’t write for Axiom I would not write at all. But, that was a petty and juvenile. Writing for me is an outlet and something I do for myself. My perspective has changed, I see this now as a new beginning. So to my dear friend David, I am sorry for being hard on you. For several years you and Denise have presented me with an opportunity to do something I love….write.

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David Cranmer said...

Rose, We have enjoyed all your contributions to our site and I am so glad your still blogging. You have a lot to offer and it just wouldnt be the same without the Rose Garden.