Monday, June 30, 2008

Cayuga Lake

I remember as a girl, spending many summer days at Cayuga Lake. The numerous parks were my playground for many, many summers. Now, they have become my kids' playground. I remember being a kid and submerging my body into the cold water. I did not relent until my lips turned blue and made me get out. I remember digging for shells along the beach and bringing them home in whatever I could find. Often, it was a shoe that I carried them in for lack of anything else. Then of course, the black top would burn my feet as I scooted quickly to the car. I didn't care that the parking lot was hot, the water was too cold, or that the sea weed stuck to my legs. Now, I think I may be old. Today we went to the pool and it was too cold. I had to jump in off the deep end to get in. My kids didn't care. They spent three hours splashing happily in the water. However, I wimped out. Yesterday, we spent the day at Stewart Park with my 13 neices and nephews. There is an old carousel that has been there long before my child hood days. My three year old neice reminded me of what being a kid is all about. She shrieked with joy as the carousel spun. The old speaker blaring it's inaudible song. It made me wish again for the simplicity of being a little girl.


Jasmin Irvin said...

I too remember days that I spent at Stewart Park as a kid. I loved that marry-go-round ... lol. I go to Stewart Park every now and than, just to remember the good old days ... even though I do not remember a lot of them that did not include you and your brothers.

Carrie said...
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