Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Moving Up

This week has resulted in a great deal of chaos. Both of my daughters had moving up ceremonies. My middle is moving up from elementary school to middle school. The pride I felt was unbelievable. It is amazing to watch my kids grow. Some days Iam ready for them to grow up and be on their own. That's because the single mom thing gets a little tough. Then there are days that seem as though time is a blur and I can't believe how quick they are growing. My oldest daughter is moving from middle school to high school. It occurred to me that in four short years she will be graduating in high school.

We are in the middle of a big transition in our housing complex. It is a three million dollar projectthat has thrown many people into an unsettleing limbo. The tennanntare hearing the proverbial promisis that something will be "fixed" tomorrow. Ugh! We are wading through everything we own because it's all in the middle of its respective room. It would be neatly stored in closests but we' re waiting for tomorrow so the can be fixed. The only thing that REALLY needs to be fixed? The guy who is coordinating this whole damn project.

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Jasmin Irvin said...

Sounds like a nightmare! Tell the girls I said " Congrats" on the moving up!