Thursday, September 18, 2008


I am back after a brief break from writing. Well maybe a long break. We have been in the middle of a long renovation project at our apartment complex. I know a few of you have missed my blogs. I am going to begin posting poetry that I have written in the past while I work on new poetry. This particular poem was written for a special friend whom will always be "The One That Got Away."


Ahhh! Sweet reprieve! You are my solace tucked deep inside.
I journey to you a hundred times a day.
Your arms wrapping me in the safety of a sunrise.
Your touch the sustenance for a faded rose. Brining out my wishes, my desires, and completion.
I see you in my dreams and find you in my heart.
Never imagining I would find you there.
Though my heart is with you, I find my hand elsewhere.
Wishing for something that now I know I can't have.
My desire unwavers as your are tucked away in my heart.
Always hoping that one day my journey to you is real.


David Cranmer said...

Glad to have you back and with a great poem to boot!

Jasmin Irvin said...

Beautiful Poem Rose ... Glad to see you back ... Keep writing, You know I will read.

Rose Kellog said...

more coming for you two!